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Managed Security

Our Enterprise Protection suite is optimized for monitoring, detecting, and isolating incidents as well as the management of the organization’s security products, network devices, end user devices, and systems.

Sentry’s security team is responsible for analyzing and defending an organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis. Sentry’s security operations center is staffed with security analysts and network defense operators as well as managers who oversee security operations.

Security Operations Center

Persistent Monitoring

Incident Response

Digital Forensics

Security Management

Compliance Management

Plan Development

System Integration

Successful systems integration requires in-depth knowledge of a variety of hardware components especially in those environments where more than 80% of computers within a company/organization are comprised of multi-vendor components. There are also customers that often require a large amount of changes in the equipment and software. We integrate and support a wide range of computer systems hardware, add-on peripherals, and software & data communications products from industry leading companies.

Full-Stack Deployments



Threat Intelligence


Vulnerability Management

Network Hardware


Deceptive Technologies

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