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Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Development and Intergration  |  Software Development

Software Development

We provide an extensive team with experience in developing specialized products for cybersecurity, information assurance, mission critical operations, and defense. An extensive background in the security industry, both in the private and public sector, enables us to conceive an arsenal of solutions dedicated to protecting mission critical cyberspace. Please get in touch for more information.

Defensive Solutions

Offensive Solutions

Operations Management

Custom Built Software

Custom Built Hardware

RF Technologies

Specialized Blockchain Solutions

With an experienced team of full-stack blockchain developers, Sentry provides custom smart contracts development services for different enterprises as well as extensive dynamic and static security testing and review.

Sentry provides Secure Smart Contract auditing/examination of a piece of software’s source code to discover whether there are vulnerabilities, programming errors, bugs or violation of programming standards.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Auditing

Layer 2 Solutions

Blockchain Architecture Design

Blockchain Integration

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