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About Us

Sentry is a cybersecurity company providing NIST and OWASP Compliant Security Testing as well as cutting edge enterprise protection and specialized development in order to strengthen cybersecurity posture for products, services, and infrastructure.

team bio

Founded in 2017, the company is established in SEE – with a presence in the United States comprised of Specialized Engineers, Former Military / Navy SEALS Personnel, and Former US Government Officials. Sentry provides cutting edge cyber security services in Financial, Govtech, and Critical Information Infrastructure Industries.

core team

Robert Shala

Executive Director

Kujtim Kryeziu

Chief Operating Officer

Drinor Selmanaj

Chief Technology Officer

Drin Raci

Chief Product Officer

Adis Ducic

Head of Business Development

Arbin Imeri

Head of Defense Department

Drilon Selmanaj

Cyber Intelligence Analyst

Adriatik Raci

Lead Software Engineer

Shega Likaj

Secure Software Engineer

Erin Godanci

Secure Software Engineer

Shpetim Ibrani

Secure Software Engineer

Shpetim Smolica

Secure Web Developer

Agon Hysenaj

Offensive Cyber Security Engineer

Redon Gashi

Offensive Cyber Security Engineer

Jon Macula

Offensive Cyber Security Engineer

Etrit Haxhiu

Multimedia Consultant

Trimor Racaj

Multimedia Consultant

Astrit Abrashi

Business Developer

Granit Krasniqi

Financial Analyst

Indira Lakota

Talent Supervisor


Linda Shala

Linda Shala is one of the first Business Magnates in the Balkans after the fall of communism, a Co-Founder of the mega-corporate Technomarket Electronics brand in Eastern Europe, GM of Basketball Teams, and a force in the Media and Entertainment Industry. Linda advises Sentry on international markets and capital management.

Besnik Limaj

Besnik has been in the tech scene since the 80’s, the Founder and CEO of Logic PLUS and Team Leader of the EU Funded Transregional Project “Enhancing Cyber Security”. He is a  leading expert with the European Commission in establishing multinational CSIRT’s across Europe. Besnik advises Sentry on professionalism and product lines.

Visar Dobroshi

One of the OGs in the ICT sector in the Balkans, serving as the COO and Head of Infrastructure for the first private telecom company in the Republic of Kosovo with a series of successful exits, one of the initiators of the new Association of ICT Companies in Kosovo, and is now a Partner in Recura. Visar advises Sentry on growth and strategy.



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