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Cyber Security jobs are growing three times faster than information technology jobs. However, this rapidly growing and very exciting industry lacks the number of skilled professionals required to handle the jobs. Cyber Defense Week is a one-week event that is comprised of lectures by professionals that are trailblazing the fielnds of Informaion and Cyber Security in the Republic of Kosovo as well as experts in Corporate Security & Defense from the region. The event is held annually and is organized by Sentry Cyber Security, Innovation Centre Kosovo, Raiffeisen Bank, Artilery One, and Kino Armata.

This year’s event consisted of a three day forum that lectured in front of an enthusiastic audience about different topics such as password security, latest cybersecurity threats, strategies and methodologies for defense, ethereum smart contract security, various examples of penetration testing, discussions on how cybersecurity will change over the next five years and more. After the forum ended, there was a 24 hour “hack for fun” event held at ICK, where aplicants, individual and groups, were challenged with around 50 different tasks including hacking and defending vulnerable computer systems, simulated bomb defusal, dumpster diving, drone hacking, hourly whitepaper submissions, social engineering, and many more.

The purpose of the 24 hour competition was to identify talented individuals and groups in the field of cybersecurity, and introduce them to real-life cybersecurity encounters and contemporary vulnerabilities and exploits that are present in most machines today. The platform was designed in such a way that all participants could effectively use real-life attack tools, and even find new techniques to exploit these systems, all inside a sandbox environment. The event included an individual Capture the Flag and Challenges award, and a group award on Corporate Network Hacking. Redon Gashi won the Capture the Flag award, Fatlum Bajrami won the individual Challenges award, and for the Corporate Network Hacking team Sushi took the first place, comprised of Butrint Komoni, Arti Karahoda, Bardh Krasniqi, Premtim Ramadani and Korab Mulaku.

Our aim is to keep improving Cyber Defense Week in every aspect so that more people want to get involved with the event and get introduced to a new aspect in life. We want to make the challenges as sophisticated as possible in order for the participants to experience this event as people working as cybersecurity specialist do in real-life.